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Shivpuri is small village located just 17 Kms from Rishikesh,Shivpuri is situated on Rishikesh Badrinath highway.

We can call Shivpuri as crown of white water rafting in India, Shivpuri is an easy weekend getaway from Delhi, Dehradun, Meerut Etc.

How to reach: Shivpuri

Shivpuri is approx 245 kms from Delhi, well connected by road.
Nearest Railway station is Haridwar (approx 45 kms away).

By road: Shivpuri is located just 245 Kms from Delhi and  it takes approx 6 to 7 hrs to reach here

Want to Reach Shivpuri before
Start time
(from Delhi-UP border)
Arrival time
(at Shivpuri)
time on road
Breakfast 00:30 hrs 6:30 hrs 6:00 hrs
Lunch 04:30 hrs 11:30 hrs 7:00 hrs
Evening tea 08:30 hrs 15:30 hrs 7:00 hrs
Dinner 12:30 hrs 19:00 hrs 7:30 hrs
Also keep in mind that a lot of camps are beyond Shivpuri, the last camp is at Kaudiyala which is further 22 kms ahead of Shivpuri.
There is a check post a Tapovan, on the outskirts of Rishikesh towards Shivpuri side.
This check post opens at 05:00 hrs and closes at closes at 19:30 hrs
Train Timings
Delhi to Haridwar
Train No
Train Name
Runs on
2017 DEHRADUN SHTBDI 06:50 hrs 11:25 hrs M T W TH F S SU
2205 DDN NZM AC EXP 23:55 hrs 03:55 hrs M T W TH F - SU
4041 MUSSOORIE EXP 22:10 hrs 05:52 hrs M T W TH F S SU
9105 HARIDWAR MAIL 05:55 hrs 12:30 hrs M T W TH F S SU
Haridwar to Delhi
Train No
Train Name
Runs on
2018 DEHRADUN SHTBDI 18:13 hrs 22:45 hrs M T W TH F S SU
2206 NZM DDN AC EXP 00:40 hrs 05:05 hrs - T W TH F S SU
4042 MUSSOORIE EXP 23:20 hrs 07:45 hrs M T W TH F S SU
9106 HW ADI MAIL 15:25 hrs 22:00 hrs M T W TH F S SU

Stay Options : Shivpuri
There are many staying options available at Shivpuri

a) River side camps :

 Camp Ganges Music Byasi

 Rafting Camp J 2 Adventures Byasi
 Rafting Camp Alpine Star Byasi

b) Resorts

Explore Himalaya Resort , Byasi Rishikesh

c) Hotels
d) Guest Houses [ Rishikesh]

Bungee Jumping at Shivpuri

Generally peaople  preferre river side camps, because its a life time experience and provides a completely natural environment to stay in.

If you are also going to opt for a river camp, then it is advisable to book camps in advance, as these camps unlike hotels need to do arrangements well in advance, as everything at the camp is limited and need to be stocked because of the remoteness of the place.

Eating Options: Shivpuri

Shivpuri village has some dhabas for cooked food. But you will get very basic simple food there. Though there are a many confectionary shops at Shivpuri.

If you are going to stay in a River camp or resort there, your  food arrangement will be at the camps/ Resorts

By the way there are a lot of eating points at Rishikesh, in the Tapovan sarai, close to NIM beach where a lot of rafting trips pullout.

Tapovan Sarai [Rishikesh]

The Jasmine Tea: This is an Ayurveda based restaurant providing ayurvedic food as per your body type. It is located on the main road in Tapovan sarai on the Rishikesh - Badrinath highway.

Himalayan Herbs: Himalayan herbs is the authentic traditional Indian cuisine Restaurant. Qualified ayurvedic doctor is also around to suggest you what to eat as per your body type. The restaurant has the best view of the Ganga flowing through the holy town of Rishkesh. One can have

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

Elachi Restaurant: This is quiet restaurant situated on the left bank of the river in the Laxman Jhula area..

Ananda: This ia a small restaurant located on the left bank of the Ganga ,This restaurant is located in side of Hotel Jaipur Inn..

Ram Jhula  Rishikesh

Chotiwala: This is an old restaurant located in the Swarga Ashram area. Special masala chai is famous here

Muni Ki Reti Rishikesh

Machan: This restaurant has a capacity of 40 people and located inside of Hotel Great Ganga.

Madras Cafe: This is a budget restaurant and located near Ram Jhula ,serves south Indian food..

What To Bring for Rafting at Shivpuri ?

a) Shorts and T-Shirts for rafting and normal clothes according to season.
b) Flotters (with straps).
c) Back packs (no suitcases or hard top luggage)
d) Flashlight
e) Sunscreen
f) Retainers for spectacles
g) Personal medications
h) Camera + batteries
I) Car mobile charger [ If coming by car]

Mobile Network: BSNL & IDEA


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